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This TRUE 3D™ experience is certain to impress with its unique award-winning and patented autostereoscopic technology, using integrated eye-tracking to make images jump off the screen or stretch into infinity in high resolution.

The integrated eye-tracking system detects the player’s position and continuously adjusts the image according to their position. The image is processed and displayed so that the ideal 3D picture self-matches the player’s precise line of sight, allowing freedom of movement in all directions – all without the need for special glasses.

Game play is radically transformed by this autostereoscopic technology. When used as an input to game events, eye- tracking opens up a new world of possibilities: players can explore the on-screen vistas, change viewing angles without disrupting the 3D experience, and be amazed by wilds that stack atop one another so they seem to jump out at them.

The brilliant 3D image quality offers high-resolution, color fidelity, brightness, and TRUE 3D depth without the need to wear special glasses, making it a first on the casino floor.


This 3D experience uses a glasses-free 3D display (TRUE 3D) designed exclusively for IGT for the gaming industry by SeeFront.


GTECH_Sphinx 3D.png


Unique Packaging
With iconic illuminated Sphinx head and themed side Panels, SPHINX 3D™'s unique stand-out design ensures a commanding floor presence.

39" Portrait LCD
Eye catching top screen with full HD resolution is highly visible across any casino floor and easily seen by the player.

AXXIS™ Cabinet
Designed to maximize player comfort, to create a sense of personal space and to immerse the player into the game, it offers a host of player-centric features such as an advanced button panel, full-scale illumination and premium audio.

TRUE 3D™ LCD Display
23" widescreen, glasses-free 3D display provides brilliant 3D image quality, offering high resolution, color fidelity, brightness, and TRUE 3D depth without the need to wear special glasses.

Premium Audio
Specially designed audio system will make the game come alive while helping to further immerse the player in the unique TRUE 3D experience.

Multimedia Chair
A new benchmark in ergonomic design and comfort with player-focused sound and rumble. Integrated sliding mechanism to ensure easy access and player-adjustable for supreme overall comfort.

Digital Button Panel
Customizable interface enables new game dynamics. Seamlessly integrated into the cabinet design and featuring a large high-resolution touch-capable display, two color OLED play buttons, and additional side mounted mechanical buttons which ensure a comfortable and dynamic play experience.



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IGT Axxis 3D Zuma.png
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