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Egypt Quest is a 4 level progressive jackpot. Each of the levels of the Egypt Quest jackpot: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum can be won by the special Egypt Quest bonus game that can be triggered randomly or by one of the special Egypt Quest symbols during the basic games and free spins. During 8 free Egypt Quest spins, the player earns credits and collects special scroll symbols. To win one of the jackpot levels, the player must collect a certain number of credits that exceed a predefined threshold and / or collect 5 or more scroll symbols. The thresholds are displayed on the monitor above 32 "during the bonus game. If the player has collected 5 or more special "scroll" symbols he can move to the next level and win the jackpot,

The player can win each of the jackpot levels with any stake placed. However, the higher the stake, the higher the chances of winning the highest jackpot level: Platinum.

Egypt Quest is available with 5 reels of 20 or 40 lines with maximum fixed stake combined in a multi-game that has a constantly growing library of game themes. Several variations of Egypt Quest meal payments and denomination selections allow customization of the range of cabinets that Egypt Quest can play.

Egypt Quest multi-games are featured on P-24 / 32V UP themed cabinets with a 24 "main screen and a 32" screen vertically oriented, but also on P-27 / 42V St with a 27 "main screen and a screen above 42 ”vertically oriented.

Attractive 3D videos and attention-grabbing festive animations are projected on the jackpot panel with 55 ”center screen and 2 32” side screens.

The jovial atmosphere attracts the attention of the player, increases the entertainment and extends the playing time.



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