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The Helix™ Upright Cabinet is here, and ready to take your floor forward. It has all the features
of the Helix Slant—the floating displays, the innovative lighting and finish—in a taller package,
topped with an eye-catching topper. It’s good-looking, to draw players in. It’s ergonomic, to
keep them comfortable. It’s serviceable, to minimize downtime. It’s cutting-edge, to stay at the
forefront of consumer electronics. And, like its counterpart, Upright can seamlessly integrate
the entire, popular, player-favorite Aristocrat catalog of games. Because all this matters to you,
it’s essential to us.


• Infinity-edged frameless displays
• Dual 23” 16:9 LED backlit full HD displays
• Integrated selectable edge and pinstripe lighting for captivating visuals
• Immersive rear surface ambient lighting
• Stylish champagne finish
• Quad sound package with ported enclosed subwoofer

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