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Please find below our special offers for March 2016 on some of our roulettes in stock. Goldclub, JPL and Alfastreet from 4 to 8 players. Configuration with or without jackpot, with or without bill acceptors. Roulettes in perfect condition, fully refurbished and ready to put in operation! Limited quantities!

Available models : - 2009/2010 Alfastreet roulette R8TS 8 players with touchscreen 19'', bill acceptors and keyboards - 2011 JPL Goldclub 4 player wih touchscreen 22'', bill acceptors UBA or JCM iPro - 2010 Goldclub Integra 8 player roulette with UBA10 bill acceptors - 2011 Goldclub Neon 6 players with UBA10 bill acceptors

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